Operational Due Diligence
- Finding out what is really going on

Our ODD engagements review and analyse the current state of operations (both functional and departmental processes) and operational risks that the client should be aware of whether before a transaction or in a "business as usual" situation. They assess and quantify opportunities for additional value creation by improving operational functions within the analysed departments. The ODD engagement results in a current state report and a prioritised rapid improvement list with tangible and realistic objectives.

The process varies depending on the allowed access. It includes defining:

Where to begin

The first step is a free of charge one hour meeting with one of our specialists. This will enable you to find out more about our ODD engagements and how we can help you. It allows us to get an idea of the scope, constraints and your requirements. At the end of the meeting you will have a better understanding of who we are and how we can help.

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