Redefining Human Resources - The New HR v2.0

In the past Human Resources (HR) used to be seen as a "fluffy" department dealing with payroll, employment statistics and performing recruitment and exit interviews. Its value was constantly questioned and the staff working there had a tendency of being described as "boring". Fortunately, things have changed. HR is now becoming more of a strategic pillar ensuring the long term prosperity of the company. This change means that the old aspects of HR are now only a small subset of World Class HR department while the new aspects are redefining businesses.

The Shift from Administration to a Proactive Development

Modern Human Resources can trace its roots all the way to the 1920s. It was born from the industrial relations and labour unions growth of the time. Until 1960s its primary role was to negotiate with labour unions, structure policies and deal with payroll. As the white collar employment started to grow rapidly over the next two decades, HR started taking on new roles. The focus has now shifted towards recruitment management, retention and compensation. However, this was still done through an administrative approach rather than a proactive one. More and more administration became necessary as the legislation started to enforce it. This continued until 1980 when globalisation forced a rethink of the function and created the first elements of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRC). This new function was to create a competitive advantage through a strategic management of personnel using cultural, structural and personnel techniques.
This was further enhanced in the 1990s by tasking HR to create flexible organisation more suited to deal with the changing environment. This included organisational capability and technological innovation. Towards the end of the 1990s and early 2000s the concept of talent management became more widespread as an HR function. This meant that HR was now also responsible for educating and investing in the future of the organisation. Around 2005 social media started making an impact on society as well as on corporations worldwide. As the impact of the new technology has become more widely understood it became vital to harness its potential, this again has refocused HR.

The New HR in a Nutshell

Human Resources is now something more than it has ever been before. However rather than one concept, it is now a collection of different aspects that jointly make HR v2.0:

The Benefits of HR 2.0

There are several key advantages of HR 2.0 including selective hiring, encouraging optimal employee performance, promoting a constructive and collaborative work environment, and drive the organisation towards operational excellence. The practice enables organisations to bring their overall objectives into better alignment with the actions of their employees. However, the most important aspect of HR 2.0 is gaining competitive advantage.
Interestingly, until recently, this was an aspect frequently overlooked and not recognized by the decision makers. This meant that few companies were conceptualizing and implementing HR 2.0 as a strategy to gain a competitive advantage. As a result, many companies passed on the opportunity to seize competitive advantage through human resource practice initiatives. The situation is now slowly changing but rather than giving a competitive edge it will soon become a competitive necessity.

Is HR 2.0 the Same as Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)?

In our definition HR 2.0 contains aspects of SHRM as it is a part of HR 2.0 but it is not the same as SHRM. Strategic management consists of the strategic use of resources to meet specific objectives whereas HR 2.0 is looking more long term at Operational Excellence (OE) and competitive advantage of an organisation. HR 2.0 is the next evolutionary step of SHRM the same way that SHRM is an evolution of the original HR.

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